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Orange fleshed sweet potato project

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Drudgery reducing implements for women project

The new global goals supported by the United Nations for sustainable development are about empowering individuals to take action for a better world.


PRDF in partnership with Tata Trust is also taking on this call - like Srimati Usha Devi wife of Sri Gopal of a neighbouring Kollettari village in Gorakhpur district of U. P. Usha Devi had serious problems with scarce firewood, smoke filling her house and affecting her eyes and lungs. She has become one of the many beneficiaries of this project.


PRDF and Tata Trust identified a "Improved and Sturdy Wood Stove" which uses firewood or any kind of agricultural woody waste including cow dung cake. It gives no or very little smoke and thus cooks food quickly, saving fuel. 


Household air pollution from traditional cookstoves harms the environment, and exposure to it kills over 4 million people globally every year - especially girls and women. This project has impacted the life of Usha Devi and other women in her own and the neighbouring village. There has been immediate enviromental improvement in the area as the stoves generate very little smoke and consume less biofuels. Lives of the women are improved as they can cook food more quickly with reduction in smoke that impacts their eyes and lungs. 


Based on the success of this project PRDF plans to expand on this Drudgery reduction implements for women project and distribute more wood stoves to families in eastern U.P. in 2016.

Safflower project

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Project gallery
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