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The Participatory Rural Development Foundation (PRDF) was founded on

8th September 1998 on the vision of Dr. R.C. Chaudhary for the benefit of the rural farmers of northern India and is a philanthropic organisation.





The Participatory Rural Development Foundation (PRDF seeds) was founded on 8th November 1998 on the vision of Dr. R.C. Chaudhary for the benefit of the rural farmers of northern India.




Our purpose


Our main objective is to:


  • Assess the needs of poor and marginal farmers and other sectors with the rural community to provide them with  the best available Agro production technology for improved and sustainable agricultural production


  • Collect, evaluate and distribute test results of local and exotic germplasm to local farmers and interested parties, and


  • Train user groups and provide them with consultancy services for overall rural development; with a focus on best practice in sustainable agriculture.




Our strategies


We employ the following strategies:


  • provide access to national and international sources of agricultural technology


  • acquire superior germplasm and knowledge based technologies


  • promote farmer-based on-farm testing of the technology


  • catalogue proven technologies


  • disseminate most suitable germplasm, technology and knowledge


  • promote conservation and responsible use of natural resources


  • use the bottom-up approach for information dissemination


  • cultivate links with national and international research and development institutions




Our values


Our actions are guided by our deep commitment to:

science: through maintaining excellence in R&D, scientific integrity and accountability, and innovation and creativity. Apart from strong teamwork and partnerships, we also encourage a diversity of opinions, methodologies and approaches to attain our goals. 


the rural communities: through providing support to the rural poor to attain sustainability, preserving and promoting indigenous knowledge, and providing quality service to clients and collaborators


nature: through promoting and implementing steps for environmental protection through sustainable agriculture






PRDF is registered with 18A and 29G with the Government of India

PAN Number: PAN AACAP7070Q  

TIN Number:  TIN 09518606171


PRDF seeds is registered with the Government of India

PAN Number: PAN AAFP0771R

TIN Number:  TIN 09518606171

About us

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