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To improve the well being of present and future generations of the rural poor in agriculture


Involves agriculture, farmers’ related research and development institutions (government, non-government and autonomous), and private enterprises with similar focus and mission.

PRDF's objective is to:

  • Assess the needs of the poor and marginal farmers and other rural community to provide them the best available Agro production technology for improved and sustainable agricultural production

  • Collect and evaluate the local and exotic germplasm and make the test results available to the farmers and others interested, through print and electronic media

  • Train the user groups and provide them with consultancy services for overall rural development.

PRDF's strategy:

We pursue our goal and objectives by employing the following strategies:

  • acquisition of superior germplasm and knowledge based technologies

  • access to national and international sources of technology

  • farmer based onfarm testing of the technology

  • cataloguing of proven technologies

  • dissemination of most suitable germplasm, technology and knowledge

  • sharing of information through multi-media

  • conservation and responsible use of natural resources

  • bottom-up approach

  • linkage with national and international Research & Development institutions.


Our actions are guided by a commitment to:

  • excellence

  • scientific integrity and accountability

  • innovation and creativity

  • diversity of opinion and approach

  • teamwork and partnership

  • service to clients

  • rural poor

  • indigenous knowledge

  • environmental protection through sustainable agriculture.


PRDF background

PRDF background

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